Still have a few more questions? Hopefully this page will answer them for you!

1Does your company engage in door-to-door sales or telemarketing?
Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions Inc. does not engage in any outside sales or cold-calling. All of our Entry-Level and Account Manager positions are retail inside sales positions.
2I read online that most Entry-Level positions in sales are commission only. Is this true for Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions Inc.?
No. All of our team members receive base-level compensation and have the opportunity to earn additional money through commission and bonuses.
3I have experience; do I still have to start at the Entry-Level?
We believe that strong leaders lead from the front. The training program is hard work, but those who succeed end with a strong prize: an equity share in the company as a Managing Partner. We want to ensure that everyone at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions Inc. has a full understanding of their role, as well as everyone else’s.That means that we will never hire someone to go straight into a managerial role. By developing team members from Entry Level positions, we are certain that they will receive the training and coaching needed to be a successful Manager.
4Do I really have to do face to face sales at the Entry Level and Account Management positions?
Yes, everyone begins with inside sales and marketing. Why is that? Sales is the foundation of all businesses. By training all of our employees in a face to face, direct marketing and sales, we are preparing them to encounter today’s business environment. This helps develop our employees to become effective managers for the future.
5How quickly can I get promoted?
That depends on you! We believe your success is truly in your hands. Once someone is accepted into our Management Development Program, they begin in our entry level position, and all promotions are based entirely on merit based performance.
6Are there opportunities for students?
Of course! We offer internships and co-ops throughout the year. Please contact our Human Resources Department to find out more about the hiring process: 704-269-4722
7Where are you located?
4801 E Independence Blvd #203
Charlotte, NC 28212
(704) 269-4722
[email protected]