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January 21, 2017
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Individuals from all backgrounds, fields of study, and work experiences can excel in a career at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions. Account Manager Stacey Clarke is a prime example of this. Though he is a newer addition to our team, Stacey has quickly made a name for himself in our company.

Born just East of Atlanta in Decatur, GA, Stacey has always been heavily involved in sports. His all-time favorite sport is basketball, but he loves football, too. Being a top basketball player at his high school, Stacey was offered a basketball scholarship to West Georgia Tech University.

After attending college, Stacey started working at a warehouse in Atlanta until he received word that his grandmother, who lived in Little Rock, was ill. Stacey made the decision to move to Little Rock to take care of his grandmother with whom he had always been close with.

Stacey soon found a job in Little Rock working at Big Red’s Convenience Store. The job itself was alright, but the money was poor. Stacey decided to pursue other opportunities and put his resume online. Having experience in the warehouse industry, he applied to different warehouse positions throughout the Little Rock area.

Unexpectedly, Stacey received a call from Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions’ Human Resources Department after coming across his resume online. Though he had no experience in business, individuals that have an athletic background like Stacey tend to do very well in our company due to their love for competition and teamwork!

After Stacey completed his initial video interview with Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, he was invited in for a face-to-face interview with one of our company’s top representatives, Jaimell. Stacey and Jaimell got along right away, and Stacey liked how Jaimell described the opportunity at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, so he was ready to accept the position when it was offered to him the following day!

Even though a business position was outside of Stacey’s comfort zone, he has always been a people person and was up for the challenge. He studied our marketing and sales systems thoroughly and made sure to be knowledgeable of our client’s products and services. Having this “student mentality” was extremely helpful in his adaptation into a new line of work. After working for Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions for just a week and a half, Stacey was promoted from our entry-level position into an Account Management role!

The greatest lesson Stacey has learned while working at our company is to hold a “no excuses mentality”. His favorite aspect of Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is the fact that individuals are rewarded based on performance and there is always help, support, and motivation from other team members.

Outside of work, Stacey enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and playing video games (his favorite video game being NBA2K). Stacey has big goals for the next couple of years! His short-term goal is to have $10,000 saved in his bank account, his mid-term goal is the best the top representative for our client in the nation, and his long-term goal is to run his own company!

Stacey has also decided to be a part of Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions’ expansion into in Shreveport, LA next month with our soon-to-be Manager, Bradley! Though he will be in new territory, Stacey is confident that his two mentors in our company, Jaimell and Bradley, will set him up for success and be with him every step of the way.

Congratulations to Stacey for being selected as this month’s featured team member! Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions is excited to see his continued leadership and career development in Shreveport and can’t wait to see him running his own business in the near future!

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