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Three Cheers For Steven: DMA’s Newest Manager

Three Cheers For Steven: DMA’s Newest Manager

We all know that life ebbs and flows with highs and lows, but the most successful people, no matter how many times knocked down, never fail to get up. Despite knowing this, so many people chose to live a life based on things that have happened to them rather than making things happen FOR them. When we talk about being resilient in business and in life and persevering through obstacles no matter what, we always find ourselves sharing Steven’s story.

Born in Northeast Philadelphia, an Eagles fan since conception, Steven became the 2nd of 3 children in the Smeykal family. An active, inquisitive child, Steven grew up playing baseball & soccer and rooting on his beloved Philly teams. When diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 7, a condition that others might use to define their life, Steven persevered, finding new interests in activities that challenged and stimulated his mind. Choosing to study psychology in college, Steven spent 2 years at Montgomery Country CC before deciding to pursue a career in sales in 2014.

Working in King of Prussia for a leading fiber-optic company proved to be a catalyst for Steven’s career, and he was soon invited to help that client expand into Fairfax, VA — his first of many career moves. After 6 months in VA, Steven, who connected with Dynamic Marketing Acquisition’s CEO, Khaled, made a decision to move to Little Rock, AR, representing a new cable/satellite client piloting their product in a recently acquired market. Despite never having lived in the South, Steven flourished, soon advancing through Dynamic Marketing Acquisition’s Management Program into a Market Manager. AGAIN, Steven was offered an opportunity to move and represent a new territory, this time going back north to Columbus, OH!

As if all of that moving wasn’t enough to challenge any professional, Steven and fiancee, Lauren, welcomed their daughter, Meadow, into the world on January 20th, 2017. Becoming a dad gave Steven even more motivation and fuel. allowing him to make ANOTHER move, this time back to Little Rock. Fast forward 6 months, ANOTHER new market, and Steven, Khaled, and team are now dominating Charlotte, NC, proving to everyone that success doesn’t care about your location, it only cares about your hustle.

When asked the best lesson learned throughout these last 5 years, Steven, without pause says, “Hold high standards and lead by example. If you don’t do those 2 things, your team will have a weak foundation and nothing great is built on instability. Also, not everything is always going to be amazing, but nothing worth having is easy, so put your 120% effort into the things you want to work out and it will.” With this mentality, it’s no wonder Steven was promoted this October into a Charlotte Market Manager, helping another new client of ours oversee a local office location!

Outside of the office, you can find Steven catching the Eagles game, exploring new restaurants around Charlotte, enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with the Dynamic Marketing Acquisition’s team, and working on being the best dad and fiancee possible to Meadow & Lauren, his two rocks in life. With goals of running a highly efficient and profitable office, Steven aims to promote 2 managers in the New Year, helping our client expand further West and South.

Steven achieved this promotion because he thinks big. He doesn’t let anything define or limit him, and to us, he is the definition of resiliency. He is a friend, a mentor, and an inspiration to many that cross his path. We’re just lucky his path was ours. Here’s to never giving up and always fighting for the things you want in life. Cheers to you, Steven!

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