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September 3, 2018
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Though unfortunate, not everyone in this world is destined for success. If there’s something that we’ve learned here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, it’s that success is a choice and a mind frame, and one that few are willing to make. For Q Vincent, though, it’s a given. He knows, with certainty, that because he brings his A-game every day, he’s bound for greatness.

Born in La Hoya to a large military family, complete with 5 siblings, Q grew up with an understanding of how important it is to adjust and adapt to your surroundings. An entrepreneur since childhood, some of Q’s best memories are living in Little Rock and driving after school every Friday to New Orleans to help his Aunt’s t-shirt printing business. That job taught him that work ethic is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful and if you want something bad enough, you have to be willing to put in the time and sweat for it.

As Q aged and wanted to provide even more for his family, he started working at Kroger at 16. He made a pact with himself when he started working that he would also make time to travel the world and brought his vision to actuality with a trip to the Philippines, New York, and Hong Kong later that year. Returning back to high school, Q managed not only school and work at Kroger, but also a medical internship and a very successful political campaign for Keith Ingram. At any time, Q managed up to 4 jobs at once, whether at Kroger, the local country club, Little Ceasars, as a volunteer firefighter, a phlebotomist, nursing assistant or a volunteer coordinator/ territory manager for political campaigns.

Most recently before joining our team at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, Q was working in internet car sales for the last 8 years. An outgoing, ambitious, hard-working hustler, Q helped grow car lot sales through the company’s online presence and social media. When he realized that he sought more growth and management potential, it was then that Q fortuitously found us here at DMA. Though hesitant about starting entry level per our Management Training Program, Q realized that with his “all gas, no breaks mentality” he’d be just fine.

With goals of helping others develop professionally and aiding in Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions growth outside of Little Rock in 2019, Q focuses daily on being an example for working for what you want in life.

In his free time, he enjoys going to music festivals with friends, hanging out at the country club, floating & eating on the river, and playing his guitar/singing! Following Grant Cardone’s 10x rule, Q is prepared to give his work and career 10x the effort to get 10x the results. We are so extremely fortunate to work with someone of Q’s caliber and wanted to extend our appreciation for him and gratitude for the work he does here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions. Congrats on being this month’s featured team member!

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