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Meet The King of the Positive Mindset: Darius Hines

The leaders of Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, along with our fellow entrepreneurs across the country, have learned the importance of ‘mindset’ during these trying times. A strong mindset can get you through the hardest of times, and a stronger mindset can always spot the light at the end of the tunnel. Here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, we have one of those strong mindsets on our own team in the form of Account Executive Darius Hines.

The twenty-two-year-old entrepreneur joined the DMA team in September of 2019. A New York City native, Hines is quick to share that this incredible opportunity was not quite the original plan for him. Admittedly, Hines dreamt of playing professional basketball or building a career as an aspiring rapper. “I thought I had all the talent in the world as a child,” says Hines, “but in truth, I was missing direction. I went to community college with no clear idea of what I wanted to do. I worked a few odd jobs during my college years, which taught me the value of hard work. I chose to focus on pursuing my passions and beliefs, rather than falling into the patterns of people before me. I wanted to challenge the career norms we see in society; working for a company for 10+ years without any profitable return was not something I was interested in.”

“I know my worth,” says Hines, “I bring to the table my relentless mindset. I’m not easily beaten and focus on a greater purpose. I seek to understand people and uncover new opportunities for the people around me.” Darius Hines reflects on his years of basketball and sees a direct correlation between that experience and his career today. The competitive drive and desire to win are as strong today as they were ten years ago on the court. “Competition was instilled in me very early,” says Hines, “anytime my back is against the wall I always find a way to make it through. This career has taught me how to harness that ability and become aware of the possibilities around me. I have the tools to be successful, and the DMA team showed me that.”

Even the strongest of mindsets have struggled in business and life as we push through the COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever, we must lean on the people who are the most positive. We must replace our hopelessness and fear with the light of those around us. “It can be hard to know when to pivot,” says Hines, “it’s been hard to adapt during this pandemic, but we can never lose sight of hope.”

At only twenty-two, Darius Hines has seen more career success than many older business people before him. His secret success is humility and the desire to continue learning. “I am passionate about learning,” says Hines, “as humans, we are so intelligent and capable. We can take information and develop that into something new. It’s like magic; taking an idea, a non-existent thing, and bringing that to life.”

Hines has his eye on the prize and his priorities straight. He always checks in with his family and reminds himself of the important things in life. “I am motivated by my mother,” says Hines, “I’ve watched her all my life work endlessly to make sure we had a roof over our heads. I’ve watched life get in the way of her success many times, and I want to tell her ‘this is for the hard times, and now those days are gone’.”

It can be hard for people to see successful entrepreneurs and imagine themselves in their place. Sometimes our goals and dreams feel far away. For those times, Darius Hines has a reminder of his humble beginnings. “I didn’t live a life of luxury growing up,” says Hines, “I watched all of my friends having the fastest cars and the latest Jordan’s. I refused to continue the cycle, and in 2017 I bought my own car, which is my greatest accomplishment to date. I didn’t know much about credit or finances, but within eight months of hard work and credit building, I bought myself a 2014 Nissan Sentra. As a black man in the American business industry, there is an expectation of leaving my culture at the door and conforming. No one will ever change who I am and where I’ve come from.”

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