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January 21, 2017
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September 3, 2018
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For some people, a life of success and financial freedom is a far away dream; for others, something they work towards on a daily basis. For most, career happiness is a laughable idea – a belief that we work to pay bills and pass the time between doing the things we really want to do, yet for others, like Scott Manecke, career happiness is a reality – a reality he’s built here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions.

Little Rock-born, raised, and proud, Scott claims Arkansas as his beloved home. The product of a family of 7 and the middle of 5 children, Scott recalls a childhood filled with activity and enthusiasm. When he picked up a skateboard at the age of 10, life got even more exciting and Scott’s fondest memories stem from hours spent with his friends practicing new tricks and flips.

After years of skating and a bad ankle injury, Scott turned his interests to music and theater. He joined his high school’s band as a trumpet player, and channeled his love for writing into screenplays and film production classes! With work ethic for days, a theme you’ll see all throughout Scott’s adult life, he supported his interests, even as a young teenager, through 2 part-time jobs.

When his father moved to Pennsylvania, Scott jumped at the opportunity to expand out of his comfort zone. He finished up his high school courses and started his collegiate career in York, PA, taking an interest in the field of Travel & Tourism. After a few years up North, Scott moved back down to Little Rock, joined the Army National Guard and loyally served 8 years separating as an E-5 Sargent! Meeting his wife, starting a family, AND going back to school for electrical engineering, Scott’s work ethic again shined.

When his career needs transitioned and Scott sought work with more rapid advancement, he joined the oil field sure of his ability to move into management quickly. The market took a turn, though, and Scott found himself laid off and out of a job – a horrific turn of events for someone operating as the family’s sole provider.

Struggling in the market, as many found Scott’s experience to make him overqualified, he recalls meeting a representative of Dynamic Marketing Acquisition’s 2 years ago when he was out shopping. He asked the individual if they were hiring, was contacted by our firm’s Human Resources Department the next day, and as if by fate, he started as a Management Trainee a week later.

With the mindset that if he focuses on his self-development enough, through books and audio tapes and videos (especially his favorite, Les Brown), and never, EVER quits on himself or his goals, Scott will undoubtedly find the success he seeks.

Owing his motivation to his wife and his 2 children, Scott is as committed as they come. With plans to help Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions expand into Memphis in this November, he intends to move into an Assistant Management and then Management in 2018. He has a long-term goal of opening up a winery that sells delicious spirits, German food, and his wife’s paintings, Scott’s story at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions isn’t over until he wins – in fact, he’s just getting revved up.

Keep up with Scott’s career on our Facebook & Instagram, as we see a big future for this budding entrepreneur! Most importantly, share your comments and congratulations below as we root on Scott in his move to Memphis and thank him for continued service and dedication to Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions!

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