Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions - Dynamic Spotlight - Jessi Flanery
Jessi Flanery – Dynamic Spotlight
January 4, 2017
Up for​ the Challenge: Account Manager Stacey
September 3, 2018
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Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions - Dynamic Spotlight - Adam Leonard

Meet Adam: He’s one of our newest team members here at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, but he’s learning fast and making waves!

What’s up everyone! I’m Adam Leonard, and I’m an Account Manager at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions. I chose to join the team because I’m a people-person, have great customer service skills, and I LOVE sales! A couple of my short term goals as a team member here are to learn as much as possible from the leadership team, and to thrive as a trainer, teaching new employees in the future.

Before working at Dynamic Marketing Acquisitions, I lived and grew up in Columbus, Ohio (home of the Buckeyes!) and attended Toledo University.

In my spare time I play a lot of basketball, and I go to the recording studio often as well.

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